Friday, February 25, 2011

Things are starting to get normal around here - whatever "normal" is :)

The 2nd week with Harrison was a little better. My parents came to help out and I was starting to feel slightly better and the baby was somewhat on a schedule. Addie continued to show her "terrible twos" side - especially since she had an audience at home now. BJ went back to work and tried to squeeze in naps whenever I could. We made our first trip out to a restaurant where I tried breastfeeding in public (a huge anxiety of mine) - and BJ and I got to go out by ourselves for a nice Valentine's day dinner. I got to enjoy my first dirty martini since 9 months ago :) These first few weeks I realized how important being on a schedule is, that I need to get myself ready to go at the crack of dawn, and organization is key when you want to head out the door with two kids in tow.

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