Monday, February 21, 2011

Hospital Time - Addie Meets her Little Brother!

Addie visited me at the hospital the day after Harrison was born. It was quite an experience! I was exhausted and trying to feed Harrison - Addie was wound up from not taking a nap and running around the hospital room and out the door into the halls :) She took to Harrison quite well and started calling him "my baby". She was very excited to hold him and give him lots of kisses. She wasn't a big fan of Mommy's lap being taken over - but I figured that would be the case. Her "big sister" gift included a t-shirt, baby boy doll, and big sister book. I loved the Overlook Hospital staff and my doctor - and the whole experience. Before I left I got a beautiful dinner and massage :) Oh, and Momo was the only one on the floor ready to cheer for the Steelers in the 2011 Super Bowl.

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Christine said...

Chase still calls Chloe "his baby." If we bump into someone he knows he'll say, "Hey, did you see my baby?" Too funny! Harrison is adorable. Congratulations!