Thursday, March 10, 2011

Addie 21 Months

Wow - this little girl is definitely keeping us on our toes!!! She is like Jekyll and Hyde or Sour Patch Kids - sweet one minute and then little devil the next!!!! But I still love her to death and she is entertaining both date and night (late night - like 3 a.m.) - she is now talking in sentences most of the time. Like, at 1:30 a.m. - she will now say "Wake up Momma, I need a babba!!!!" She loves to sing and dance even more and really knows most of the words to "Sunny Day", "Tomorrow", and "Twinkle Little Star". We think she may have an imaginary friend named "Ami Fuffy" - because she is always asking where he is - and we have no clue who that could be....she will spend literally hours in her crib singing and talking to someone - so maybe that is who it is :) She is very into imitating what Mommy does with Harrison - including nursing - so she has a blanket and tries to "feed" her dollies :) She can count from 1-10 perfectly and 1-20 with a little assistance. She has had quite a few playdates at our house lately with little girls close to her age. With the younger little girl, Addie was quite a little bully - not wanting to share her toys, pushing, etc. But with the older girl - Addie was an angel - very eager to hug and show off her toys. However this little girl was acting out towards Addie and Addie got her feelings hurt. So the rest of the playdate Addie was yelling "No nice!" constantly :) At least we are learning about feelings. And finally - I must say Addie ADORES her little brother. She is ALWAYS gushing over him with kisses and hugs and likes to put his pacifier in his mouth when he cries. She has never really shown any jealousy since that first week and has openly and happily accepted him as a permanent member of our family. I hope this relationship continues :)

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