Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 4 Months Harrison!!!!

Wow! 4 Months! I think Harrison is just now waking up from his post-delivery stress :) The pediatrician called him a 4th trimester baby - meaning that he should have stayed inside the womb for another trimester - amen to that! All he wanted to do for 3 months was sleep, nurse, and stay inside our Ergo carrier and on mommy at night!! Now he is taking in everything around him. He is curious about everything and loves reaching out to touch and grab things. He is laughing, chuckling, and blowing raspberries. I love how he sticks his cute little fingers in his mouth - sometimes both hands! He loves when you blow on his tummy or tickle his chest. He can be alone for a little bit and play with toys before crying to be picked up :) He is sleeping at night in our room in the portacrib (not ON me anymore - which makes me a little sad). I just LOVE him and his smiles - they make my heart smile! I love this phase right now - where he is still very little and loves to be cuddled - but old enough to smile and laugh and interact. I know in just a few short months he will be a curious baby and crawling all over the place - not wanting to stay in Mommy's arms. So, once again, I am trying to savor this time. I wish my babies would stay in the "baby" phase for a little longer :)

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The Gillefonds said...

SO happy that he is sleeping on his own! I love reading about his development, gets me excited about what's to come in our house!