Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow - 5 Months!!!!

Where is the world is the time going? BJ commented that we would just sit around and watch Addie's every move and now we still do that - but Harrison is in the mix :) I remember it seemed to take forever to approach 6 months with Addie and now here we are week month away from 1/2 a year with Harrison and it seems like I just gave birth!!! He is the most wonderful baby ever - but definitely high needs :0) When he is happy - he is the most smiley, laughing baby on the block. When he is upset - boy, you know it!!!! He is super tall - already wearing 9 month clothes!!!! He is so soft and cuddly. He loves to play with his baby toys on the mat and has mastered rolling over in both directions - although I have yet to catch this on video. He scoots all around on his tummy and loves to watch Addie play with her toys. He is in love with Addie - she can do no wrong. He could be in the midst of a terrible crying jag and then she sings to him and he starts smiling and laughing. He is very tactile and love to touch faces and skin - especially when he is nursing. His eyes are amazing - the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. This has definitely been a turning month for him - more aware of his environment and much happier to be left to play. Very minimal carrying around in the Ergo carrier this month!!!

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