Friday, May 31, 2013

Lennon's Baptism

Finally - it happened!!!!!  After months of cancellations, sickness, etc - just trying to get to St. Louis for the baptism - I just joined the church here and thank goodness both godparents were free the first Sunday after lent.  Emily and Jeremy spent the weekend here and we had a nice little celebration.  Unfortunately it wasn't as special because the whole family couldn't be here - but at least I got Lennon's baptism in before he turned 1 !!!  He looked so adorable in BJ's christening gown - the same one that Harrison wore at 3 months that drowned him!!!!  Lennon was such a great baby throughout the whole ceremony and I seriously almost cried when he was baptized because he was just so peaceful and content looking at the priest while the water was poured over his head.  I just adore that little boy.  No crying, nothing.  The funniest thing about the ceremony was the fact that Lennon was in tights and a slip and this gown - so when the priest came by to bless Lennon in the beginning - Addie asked "So is Lennon a girl now???"  Cracked me up!!!!!!!

Look at those eyelashes!!!!

Watch out Justin Timberlake!!!!

Addie walking amazingly well in Emily's high heels

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