Friday, May 31, 2013

Lennon in March and Happy 8 Months!!!

What a chunk-a-monk!!!!  He and Harrison are definitely just a few pounds difference and now share the same diaper size and shirts!!!! Lennon can even wear his coats, too :)  He is really loving Mommy's homemade baby food and really loves EVERYTHING - prunes, carrots, mangoes, advocado - you name it, he'll eat it!  He is working on his little pincer grasp with the baby puffs and his little fat fingers are so cute to watch.  He loves taking baths in the sink and is really good sitting up on his own for the most part - except with Addie and Harrison smother him and knock him down.  He loves playing with his toys on the floor and gets very excited going down the basement because he knows there is a lot of fun down there!!!  He is gesturing a lot more and clapping.  His babbling is great and he does so many funny things with his mouth and tongue and trying out new funny sounds - just like Addie used too!  He enjoys peek-a-boo and basically is just the happiest thing ever!

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