Saturday, October 11, 2014

A birthday to remember...

Nothing like hanging out with my boy on my birthday!

While packing for my trip - lots of snuggles on the bed!!!!!

All dressed up with no place to go!

Headed to Atera!

Ahhhh - this cocktail was sooo much deserved!

Milk Punch!!!

acting cool in the cab!

Our first Dim Sum!

This little girl made it the best birthday ever!!!!
What a messed up birthday that worked out just fine in the end!  BJ's Mom and Dad were set to come in our Thursday night before our big Friday weekend leave to NYC.  Plenty of time, right???  Well, their flight got cancelled Thursday and rescheduled for Friday morning first thing.  Well THAT flight was cancelled and BJ got them to fly in to Philadelphia.  In the meantime I volunteered at Harrison's preschool.  BJ had to drive to Philadelphia in rush hour to get them and then drive back - POURING RAIN!!!!!!  We had to cancel our dinner reservations at Atera and lose a ton of $$.  I  had ordered pizza for BJ's mom and dad and the kids and ended up eating it because I knew I wouldn't be eating anytime soon!!  Addie, bless her heart, had the great idea of using ice cream sandwiches to put a candle in and sing Happy Birthday - which was the best moment of the day!!!  BJ and the folks finally arrived at 7:30 or so and BJ quickly got changed to drive into NYC in the rain to head to our drinks and hotel.  We still ate at Atera and had the best personal cocktail waiter all to ourselves!! Even our hotel room was upgraded because the front desk people felt sorry for us and our sob story!

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