Monday, November 19, 2012

The Perfect Storm of 2012

Oh Hurricane Sandy - what a crazy woman you are...  So we move here in 2010 and shortly after we had about 3 ft of snow right after Christmas 2010 and then Hurricane Irene came ripping through NJ tearing down trees and causing flooding in August 2011 and then a freak snowstorm Halloween 2011 brought down even more trees and powerlines and causing the whole town to be without power and gas.  So exactly one year later for Halloween 2012 - I couldn't believe the same thing was about to happen again - and worse.  Hurricane Sandy came through the NYC/NJ area on Oct 29 and brought with her 90+ MPH winds and rain.  That Monday night was the scariest night ever.  I tucked the kids in their beds and just sat downstairs and freaked out every time the loud wind came crashing up against the house.  The windows rattled, the house moved - it was super scary and I was so happy to wake up the next day with everything and everyONE in one piece.  The devastation to surrounding areas - Staten Island, the Rockaways, downtown NYC, and the Jersey Shore was astounding.  Thank God we were okay - no damage and no power lost.  The town of Maplewood was without power for about 2 weeks and many homes were damaged with all of the trees down.  Everything stopped for about a week and people were living in churches, etc.  Halloween was cancelled and moved to the following Monday.  It was a crazy week.  Our trip to St. Louis was cancelled - so we just sat at home and played with the kids.  No one could go anywhere!  Gas was being rationed - the grocery stores were on 10% generator with the shelves bare.  It was nuts!!!!!!

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