Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Addie and Harrison in January

Wow - we had a stint of really sick kiddos and FINALLY the middle of January brought good health to all!!!  Harrison geared up for his first birthday.  Once he started feeling better he began eating a TON of food, talking more, playing like crazy, and keeping up with his sister.  Addie was up to her usual shenanigans - but what was wonderful was watching these two start acting like brother and sister and actually PLAYING together.  I don't have to keep them entertained all the time!!!  I get this huge smile on my face when I hear squeals of laughter and peak around the corner and see them sharing some private joke over a toy they are playing with.  For example - they love to sit on the sofa together and munch on their goldfish crackers and watch their favorite 'toon, they push each other around on their ride on's, and they love to match each others' loud vocalizations. They really love each other :

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