Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday baby Harrison!!!!

A flood of emotions came over me as I celebrated yet another child's first birthday.  With Addie I was super emotional but also prepared because she was so advanced and already walking and talking.  With Harrison - I didn't see this birthday coming.  It was like I had a whole year of a newborn and it didn't seem possible that he was turning 1 year!  Don't get me wrong - I adore Harrison and everything about him - but he has always been a needy baby and such a mini thing, too!  With the prior 3 months being sick and being up all night - I was felt like I had a tiny baby at home still.  Harrison is still just babbling and crawling and loves to cuddle.  So I guess I wasn't as sad about this marker because I still have a baby :)  His stats are 10% weight and 50% height. 

I wrote a LOT about this child in his baby book so I am only going to say a few words here.  But when I was pregnant with Harrison I had some doubts as to how I would love another child as much as Addie.  How would he fit into this precious family that we had already started.  Everyone always says that your "heart grows" with each child - but I had to experience it for myself.  And I can say that they are right.  My heart grew exponentially.  I could not imagine Harrison not being in our lives.  He is so completely different from Addie and I love that.  He is zany, loud, cuddly, curious and yummy all at the same time.  I love he is so small and scoots every where he goes with a toy in one hand.  His budding relationship with Addie is everything I dreamed of with the addition of another child.  We are really blessed. 

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