Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall fun!

Our usual morning cartoons and cereal :)

Loves climbing in the toy box

Love Harrison lurking in the background!

Was trying to get a picture of Addie in her Halloween outfit but Harrison kept standing next to her :)

My purchase for them for the winter days ahead - an inside roller coaster - and yes, -it's way more work than I though and way more arguments than should be :)

All three at the table!

Cutie in a hat!  Note Stitch - his new lovie :())

Love the look!

I love this shirt!

Typical Harrison "pirate" face

Supporting all of our teams!!!!!

Yes- they are both in dresses :)

A rare cute moment of sharing

Ikea ice cream - so yummy yet sooo messy

Another day in Jersey City!!!

"What? You gotta problem with a boy in a dress?!"

Go Birds!!!!

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