Monday, November 19, 2012

Lennon Month 3

Hands clasped, cute smile!!!!

Still loves that right hand up by his face!

Fell asleep right where Daddy left him :)
I love this baby!!!!  He is truly a godsend :)  He is simply content wherever and loves being alone and loves being held.  He sleeps great at night and during the day is loving hearing all of the sounds of his siblings playing.  He is sooooo fat and chubby and I have no clue how he got this way as Addie and Harrison were not quite so big - but that just means more rolls to squeeze and kiss!!!!  He is already in a size 3 diaper and 6 month clothes!!!  His head is so big and perfectly round that I finally can use my Ahda's term of endearment - "Punkin' Pie" and it is very appropriate!!!!  Lennon is starting to use the Bumbo chair and likes his little play mat - looking up at his toys.  He is now trying to grasp at his Sophie the Giraffe and other toys and tries to mouth them.  He is a big time drooler and always tries to put both hands in his mouth.  His constant cooes and smiles and trying to talk with us makes him a little sweetheart.  Unlike the first months of Harrison which somehow seemed to go on and on....  this baby is getting too big too quick!!!!!

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