Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy 18 Months little Addie!!!

The big 1 1/2 years old! Every month I swear it's my favorite month with her - but then the next is even better! Yes, we are increasing the frequency of our toddler temper tantrums and those moments are probably the most frustrating moments ever because you can't really reprimand a baby. But as her personality comes to life and her ability to express herself through words increases - I just melt and want to hold on to her forever!!!! My favorite sayings are "Addie self" (when she doesn't want help), "Sunny Day" (said to the tune of Sesame Street), "Bless you, Mommy/Daddy", "camel-one" (her favorite Wonder Pets episode), "Miss you Mommy/Daddy", - and "referring to herself anytime you are talking about something - for example: Me: Blue is stinky". Addie: "No, Addie stinky". She is also phenomenal with using the -ing ending and the possessive and plural - s - which is very advanced for her age! Her favorites: "shopping", "helping", "hugging", "Addie's ____", "milks", "boots", "Cokes". She loves to make us laugh and think of funny things to do. She is just the sweetest and most lovable thing EVER!!!!!

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