Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Momo Countdown on one hand!!!

35 weeks today - 5 more weeks to go!!! The baby clothes have finally been washed and put in the drawers, bottles sterilized, blankets washed, etc - now that Christmas is over I can finally concentrate on getting ready for baby boy!


The Gillefonds said...

OK- how is it that I think my belly is as big as yours and Im only 27 weeks. Please tell me I will stop growing soon! You look adorable and I can't WAIT to meet baby b! Love to you, BJ, and Addie!

BJ and Andrea said...

Hey - no - your belly will grow to mass proportions - just sayin'. Just after this picture my belly expanded about 2 more inches in all directions - no kidding!!! I feel like an alien :)