Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Addie's personalized presents for the family :)

The last of the kiddos to fall asleep

Mommy's 1983 My Little Pony Estate

It really was a special Christmas Eve - the first time with our WHOLE, COMPLETE little family.  Everyone was dressed in their Christmas jammies - cookies, note, and reindeer food all ready to go.  We sang Christmas songs, read the Christmas story, drank egg nog - had Addie read her own interpretation of the Christmas story and her own songs :)  And then the BEST part happened.....Addie was insistent that it snowed on Christmas Eve because that meant Santa was arriving.  I told her that I didn't think it would happen this year because it wasn't in the forecast - but that Santa would indeed visit her.  As we went outside to sprinkle reindeer food - we opened the door to find the most beautiful snowfall ever.  It  was indeed magical and the kids were so excited to go outside in the snow and welcome Santa to our home.  Addie was happy to know she was right :)  After the kids were tucked in their beds - BJ and I played Santa and put the train tracks together, got the TeePee ready, the presents all laid under the tree, and the stockings stuffed.  Of course we had to eat the cookies and make a thank you note :)  Oh - and the cutest thing ever was the presents that Addie had left under the tree for the whole family.  The week before Christmas she wrapped up her own toys and stuffed animals in random things and they were "her presents".  What a doll baby.  I couldn't have imagined a better Christmas Eve - and to top it all off - Lennon decided to sleep through the night!!!!  BONUS!

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