Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Dressed up and No Place to Go

Great picture of him!

Addie's look says it all :)

Ah - there we go - a smile!!!!

Sibling love - Addie is really trying hard

It's super hard to get a picture with everyone!!!!
We spent an entire day prepping for BJ's work Christmas Party - I had everyone dressed and ready to go - finally.  The babysitter was over at the house ready to ride with me to help out at the event.  Then BJ called - he was already on his way to the event site which was about 35 minutes away - to tell me that traffic was really bad.  It was already the kids' bedtime and we both felt by the time I got there it wouldn't be worth it and we would be dealing with a lot of bad behaviors.  So - we had to undress and put on our pj's. To make the effort and time worth it - I had the babysitter take some pictures of all of us dressed up - then I made us 2 drinks :)

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