Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls Night Out

Addie has a bestie and her name is Camille.  Camille's Mommy and I are also good friends.  So for Camille's 4th Birthday - we took the girls to the Nutcracker Ballet and dinner after.  It was so fun to get dressed up and do a girls night!  The girls were pretty well behaved - especially considering it was a ballet and Addie kept asking what was going on :)  Thank goodness it was only one hour in length!  She said her favorite part was the mice...Dinner afterwards was a little rough because it was late and we had already asked the girls to sit still for 60 minutes - but they got treat bags and celebrated with a birthday treat.  All-in-all - it was a special night with my little girl and I will always remember this first experience.  The first of many to come!

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