Friday, January 18, 2013

Lennon Month 4

Just a great smile!


One of my favorite pictures ever


Another favorite

His daddy's raised eyebrow look

Caught him in the most cherubic pose.  He really likes to clutch his hands together like this

My cherub!

At our 4 month peds visit!

Loves to reach out for the magnets during diaper change

Happy baby!

While these pictures are very out of sort - (don't know why it does that) - you can see that Lennon is more aware of his surroundings this month!  He took another rode trip to Pittsburgh and was perfect again!  He is still just the pudgiest little thing ever with rolls everywhere!  He is putting his hands in his mouth and drooling and blowing bubbles.  He reaches out for things and likes sitting in his Bumbo chair for a little bit.  He is just the happiest baby ever and still a good sleeper at night.  We love you!

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