Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Addie's 4th Birthday on Memorial Day/Pittsburgh

Nothing like celebrating your birthday at your vacation rental and then once you get home!!!!!  Leave it to Addie to continue the celebrations!!!!  Not only did we celebrate on her actual birthday on Memorial Day - but it continued through school that week and then on her birthday party on June 2nd!!!!  Addie really wanted Barbies and a Barbie house this year.  While I thought she was a little young for this - I saw how Addie used the Barbies to act out playing house and really LOVES her new dollhouse.  Addie got some new Barbies and inherited my old Barbies, too!!!!!!  She also got a scooter from Ahma and Paw-Paw, tons of new clothes, and other fun things that 4 year olds love :0)
your hands are getting so big!

Decorating the vacation rental in Pittsburgh!

She still has those chubby baby cheeks :)


ballerina necklace :)

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