Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good Times in April

Oh my gosh - I have gotten SOOOOO far behind in my blogging.  I just don't have the time anymore - but I always feel so guilty for not documenting these kids' lives and leaving all the photos on the computer!!!!!  So I am doing an abbreviated blogging to catch up :)  Here are the pictures from April....
I love this photo - MINI BJ!

Proud of his hair - and look at that crooked smile!!!! (right before his hair was all chopped off :( )

My sleeping beauty

Daddy's gotta love this - a bowtie AND a Cardinals cap!

Another one of my FAVORITE pics of this kid!!!!!

Cheesing it up for the camera!

After school errands with Mommy! - YAY SPRING!!!!

Love those pigtails!

Right after ballet at the YMCA - props left on the floor

The haircut that ended his beautiful locks :(

Superhero party at a friend's house!

Ahh - the innocence of childhood


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