Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Memorial Day and Pittsburgh

Our VRBO rental was up on Mt. Washington! Look at little Harrison peeking out!

Oh black baby - she loves you!

Celebrated the "night before her birthday" at Eat n' Park!

At Piper's!  Just not the same experience :0)

Red Ho's!!!!

First big boy shopping cart experience at Lowe's!

Schenley Park

1 of 4 birthday candles blown out throughout the course of her month-long birthday celebration!

Mr. Roger Dinosaur!

We had to hit Pittsburgh because we had a lot to do with getting the house ready to sell.  So we headed to Pittsburgh one rainy night and spend Memorial Day weekend there.  I had fun schlepping the kids here and there to my favorite Pittsburgh spots even if they weren't kid friendly (Zenith Cafe to search for a 1920s dress) and Addie's birthday was the last day we were there - so we truly celebrated here birthday for like a whole 2 weeks!!!!!!

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