Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A return to our babymoon spot!!!!! It was family vacation time the next day after Addie's birthday party.  So after we got home from her party- Addie opened all of her presents and then we got packed to head out early the next morning.  We were going to Falmouth, ME - right outside of Portland, ME.  We rented a cute home near the beach. It was nice not to have a set schedule.  We took a Ducky Boat tour, a cruise where the kids could touch sea creatures dredged up from the ocean floor, spent a few days in Bar Harbor, spent a few days in Acadia National Park, and went on a hunt for the best lobster rolls.  It was an EXHAUSTING trip with all 3 kids and we got comments everywhere we went.  But we made a lot of good memories and it was totally worth it :)
The same lighthouse I visited when Addie was in my tummy!

Addie was very attached to the ribbon, Lennon kept eating grass, and Harrison was collecting rocks

What was so funny?

Acadia National Park - the only whole family shot the entire trip!

Acadia! Maine!

Diver Ed going into the ocean to catch sea life!

What the hell is going on here?!!!!

MMMMM - that lobster looks yummy!


Oh no you are not going to make me touch that slimy thing

You are crazy lady - get that thing away from me!

Very happy to be brave enough to get close to the lobster!

Don't know where she got this pose!!!!

Impromptu stay overnight in Bar Harbor led to the purchase of button-butt jammies - perfect for a morning scratch :)

Checking out the pirate ship docked outside the hotel!!!!

Best lobster experience in Maine!

OMG BJ - another long trek to the same lobster shack and it's closed - AGAIN!!!!!1

The mess in the car was insane!!!!

Tired of carrying heavy Lennon in front - we opted for a backpack carrier at the Patagonia store - SUUCCCHH a good decision!

Last night in Maine - go lobster!

So much fun after dinner - last night in Maine.  A huge beach full of snails and rocks!  Harrison and Addie were in heaven throwing things in the water. 

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