Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 2 1/2 Harrison!!!

This little boy runs my absolute world and has since the minute he was born!!!  Can't believe he is 2 1/2 already!!!!  He started speech therapy lessons in June because he could only say /d/ and all vowels.  So he is really a trooper and working very hard on his talking.  He started swim lessons this summer as well and is a little timid trying out the water by himself but ironically LOVES to jump in without any fear.  He starts preschool with the 2s class in a few short months!!!  He loves superheros still and his cars.  Right now his favorites are Batman, Superman, and Spiderman.  He is addicted to lemonade and basically still loves to drink liquids vs. eat food.  He continues to woo every woman who sees him and his blue eyes and winning smile warms everyone's hearts.  When he is happy - the sun is shining.  When he is angry - the whole house feels it and everyone is angry.  He grits his teeth, chomps his teeth, gets the angriest little face on him - and comes charging.  He is a HANDFUL when he is tired or upset - WHEW!!!   He loves to sing and WHISTLE!!!!  He still hums "Twinkle, Twinkle" a lot and whistles when he is playing and happy.  He is warming up to Lennon now that Lennon is starting to take interest in big boy toys and Addie wants her "girl" time.  He is still in size 4 diapers and  just starting to fill in his 2T clothes although he can still rock 18 month outfits like a champ :)  His feet keep on growing so I have no doubt that he will be tall.  Love you Harrison!!!!!!

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