Monday, November 4, 2013

Phun in Philly!

BJ went away on his annual baseball trip and I decided to take the kids to my Aunt Kathleen's house and visit Philly!  I accomplished a lot on this trip - drove the new Escalade through downtown Philly traffic, took all 3 kids by myself on a trip, and somehow started Lennon on his venture through sleeping through the night!!!!  We visited my favorite museum - The Please Touch Museum - although it's in a new place now - and the kids had a BLAST!!!  We ate at 2 great restaurants on that trip - a pub in Chestnut Hill and Max Brenner's chocolate paradise in downtown Philly (where almost every meal has a little bit of chocolate in it!!!) -  We had a really good time together!  Go Mommy!

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The Gillefonds said...

Go Mommy, indeed!!! Love it!