Monday, November 4, 2013

Lennon's Last days of being a BABY!!!!

He loves pushing around the hippo - just like Addie and Harrison!!!!

Eating snacks from a cup

He can go backwards in the bike - and he is so heavy that he can't bounce to make the noises!!!!  That tongue is always out!

Feeding himself now with his hands :) Although he tries very hard to use utensils

Some tuft of hair that sticks up after bath :)

Just like Addie did - he LOVES to sit in things - in chairs, stairs, you name it. And he usually crosses those fat little ankles :)

This is how we roll!!!  New Cadillac Escalade - extended cab!!!  Lennon is facing forward!!!

Playing - he also loves to pull out all the DVDs from the cabinet

The night before his birthday - he picked up that beer and doused himself - while also drinking some, too!!!!

Almost to his 1st Birthday and he is sooooo big!!!!!!

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