Monday, February 24, 2014

Addie is 4 1/2!!!!

Ahh - 6 months till 5!!!  Addie has really matured since she started the 4s class this year.  She still has her "moments" don't get me wrong.  But I see the big girl she is growing into and her "baby" ways are quickly disappearing.  I swear she grows a few inches each month and her baby chub is completely gone.  Her little birthmark on her right bottom cheek is almost disappeared.  She has her own style of dress and converses like an 8 year old!  She is sooo very smart and is starting to show her artistic talent.  She loves designing clothes with her Fashion Plates, playing Barbie/Jem with her dollhouse, and putting on fashion shows.  Her art work has improved immensely and she is so good with coloring in the lines, making people, and using her imagination to draw wonderful things!!!!  She is in art class at school this Fall and really enjoys that.  She has such a HUGE heart and is very sensitive.  She adores Lennon and I think could squeeze him to death or smother him with kisses if she tried hard enough.  She also gets frustrated with her brothers because they crowd her space and ruin her "designs" or her tea parties that she has so carefully set up.  She rules the roost at preschool this year and has made all new friends being in the morning class.  Her confidence in herself is improving - but we still need to work on that swimming class!!!  She and I butt heads every day over something but we do have a very special relationship.  We are both bull-headed but I hope we can always forgive and quickly get over a misunderstanding or disagreement.  She loves her mama and still wants to cuddle as much as ever.  With 2 little boys trying to take all of my time - I have to realize sometimes that she is still a baby at 4 and wants all that love, too!!!!  It's hard to balance 3 kids and a little girl who often wants to be the only child and the center of attention.  She has a big personality and is just a joy to be around. 

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