Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Time!

Addie came up with the "Cool Club" - they all had to have sunglasses 

They had so much fun that day in Jersey City - they had to go down at the same time!

Big boy on the slide!

I love the guys!!!!

Picked up Daddy from studying and then went to a beer garden in Jersey City!

Addie trying to read books to Lennon - note the cowboy boots and the apron get-up

So much fun - both boys got their rainboots on and were strutting around.  Love the nose picker

Steeler Sunday!

 How much longer can they all fit in a laundry basket?  - I mean boat?

Mommy/Addie date at Turtle Back Zoo!

The choo choo train that Addie set up!

Fun in a box!!!!

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