Monday, February 24, 2014

Randoms shots from September 2013

This little guy HAD to sleep with this Steelers football for about 2 months - so cute!!!! Even nursed with it in his hands!

Fun with Camille and Grey at the park!  Their hair was standing on end ;)

For a while - breakfast was up here - Harrison liked to have conversations with Daddy before he went to work

The power of the IPAD -

Addie getting her hair done at Lifetime fitness - such a diva already!!! 

The braid the lady gave her !

Brotherly love watching toons

Oh what fun a big box can supply!

Addie's first away field trip - to the Farm!

The most stylish jeans she has worn to date - too bad they showed her butt crack!

My VERY favorite of Addie at this time - soooo beautiful and innocent looking!

I love eating crayon!!!!   Just back from the street fair in Jersey City!

Is there a problem?  Just call fireman Lennon!  Here he is just starting to get the hang of riding around on a wheelie!

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