Monday, February 24, 2014

Lennon is getting so big!

Little man is 14 months this month!  Having so much fun trying to run after his brother and sister! Loves to try to play at the park like the big kids

Such a beautiful sleeping baby - those eyelashes are to die for!

Hanging out at the farm!

Took this with my camera outside the house!  I love this one!

One of his first words/gestures was "hat" - he really loves to wear them!

Look at those rolls!  Here we made pirate hats

Wearing the "Harrison" jersey - and hanging out in his fav room of the house - the laundry room

Like everyone else - he loves the big water bottle!  Hanging out with mommy and daddy every night after Harrison and Addie go to sleep - special time till 8:30 pm!

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