Monday, May 21, 2012

Planting crops

We got really into the whole landscaping/planting/domesticating thing this spring :)  Not only did we rush out to Home Depot on the first warm weekend (always a big mistake) - but we brought back a ton of flowers and vegetables to plant.  BJ made 2 raised bed gardens in the backyard and we bought starter kits for our seedlings.  Pictured here is Daddy and Addie planting these seeds.  She had a lot of fun learning about how vegetables grow and helping Daddy rake a ton of dirt.  What you don't see pictured is how these little seedlings failed miserably once they were planted in the big garden beds :(   So we had to start all over again with more mature plants purchased from Home Depot.  Exactly - let someone else do all the hard work!!!!!  And note to self - again - buy everything in May - not any earlier - no matter how much the early warm weather entices you to buy flowers - they won't last in April!!!!!!

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