Monday, May 21, 2012

Easter 2012

This post has taken me a long time to get to because of all of the emotions tied up with it.  Easter this year - not so good for me.  My Ahda fell around March 11 and broke his tailbone.  He was supposed to go to a SNF just to get physical therapy so he could return home and be safe again - but that never happened.  It was a series of unfortunate events that occurred as soon as he was admitted there - pneumonia, kidney infection, swallowing issues, etc.  We never saw it coming because he was pretty much okay before all of this happened and my last phone call with him was upbeat.  He was looking forward to our upcoming 2 week visit on April 11 - and that was that.  When I got that dreaded call Easter morning that he was in the ICU and things weren't looking good - I just knew I was running out of time and my visit scheduled in 3 days may not be what I anticipated.  So Easter morning at our house was a rough time for me.  I wanted my family to have a good day - but I just wasn't feeling it.  We did the baskets, the backyard hunt, and the Easter brunch.  And then I headed home to pack suitcases for the trip back home to St. Louis.  What was supposed to be a trip home to spend time with Ahda before the baby came was not going to happen  - I knew it.  At least Addie and Harrison had no clue what was going on and I am sure that they had a great Easter - filled with a ton a jelly beans and candy.

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