Monday, May 21, 2012

I'll Miss You, Ahda

Just as I felt in my heart - my grandfather only had a few more days after Easter.  He passed away before I got to see him - the very morning the kids and I were headed on the plane to St. Louis.  In some ways - I am glad I didn't see him the way he was at the end.  I don't think he would have wanted me to see him like that, either.  Instead, the last memory I have was our 2 week trip in October where we got to spend a lot of time with him and the phone conversations that we had in February and the last words I said to him were, "I love you".  Thank goodness that I have that to hold on to.  His death was definitely unexpected and it is still very hard to deal with.  He was truly my very first best friend and our relationship remained close all these years.  I thought the world of him and his passing has left a huge hole in my heart.  I am so happy that he lived a healthy 94 years and that we danced together at my wedding and he was able to get to see Addie and Harrison on a fairly frequent basis.  Unfortunately he won't meet the new baby - but he did know that I was naming the baby after him and I know that meant so much to him.  Though my children probably won't member Ahda - I will make sure that they know of him and how wonderful he was and how much he loved them.  He was the best grandpa anyone could ever ask for and I thank God every day that he was mine.

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