Saturday, October 19, 2013

Other pictures from June :)

Addie always loves to be in the "weekly" photo shoot with Lennon - can't miss a prime opportunity for hamming it up in front of the camera!

First ice cream cone!!!  He is really starting to "whine" when he sees his brother and sister with something that he doesn't have - so I gave him one!!!!

Big boy now!  Almost 11 months - starting to truly play with his brother and sister and use the toys that Harrison got for his 1st birthday :)

BJ took this with this phone - a typical soccer practice with Addie - sitting on the ground picking grass....

Our first experience at The Dead Rabbit NYC!!!!

Another big girl haircut!!!!!

Opening presents on Father's Day :)

Addie loves to eat the crops - and she is also showing off her bean plant she planted at school - it's growing Mrs. O'Connell!!!

I took this shot because everyone was having fun playing together!  This toy was put away for about a year so they freaked out when they saw it!

Everyone on their cars!

Soooo happy to be keeping up with his siblings :)

Pile up!  Daddy is home!

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