Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meet Me in St. Louis - again!

Love this picture of her - as she said "I'm not afraid of anything!!!"

Cardinals game!!!

BJ caught a ball!!!

View from our hotel window

Emily and our 7 kids! A miracle this even happened!

So cute!  What a great shot :)

She love to pose!

Should this be an oil painting???


Magic House chaos!

Breakfast at Ahma and Paw-Paws!

Science Center with both sets of grandparents and some cousins! Addie was in heaven :)

Looking slightly less-than-enthused

Addie was very proud of her own arch

The perfect end to the trip - getting to watch Paw-Paw's trains!!!!

Whew - it's always such a whirlwind trip to go back home.  We have so many things we want to accomplish - seeing both sides of the families, getting to a sporting event, seeing old friends, eating/drinking at old haunts, etc.  - oh, and of course the kids need lots of cousin time!!!!!  So I think we had a successful trip - we accomplished all of the above!!!! I was really hard for me to be back this time - can't believe I hadn't been back since my grandpa passed away last April.  Lots of memories resurfaced - but it was a good thing :)  Going back home is always good.  I want to do it more but with 3 small children and paying for all the seats - it's way less often than I would like  - so we have to make the most of each trip!

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