Saturday, October 19, 2013

4th of July!

Grilling with the neighbors and kids having fun!  They love their popcicles!

First experience with a slip-n-slide for everyone!  Daddies had to do the slinging onto the mat

Earlier in the day we all saw Monsters University!!!

So excited!
The first and second years we lived in Maplewood we took Addie and Harrison to see the fireworks - but they were so little and very easy to manage.  Last year and this year we opted to not go to those fireworks that start at 9 pm.  We come up with some crazy excuse each year as to why they are missing the fireworks.  I know it won't last too many more years - but no way am I keeping awake 3 wound-up kids till that time!!!!!  We had fun chilling with the neighbors and taking in a movie :)

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