Saturday, October 19, 2013

A little taste of how we spent our summer when we were not constantly leaving home....:)

They loved and yet feared the sprinkler...

Lennon loves Harrison's old car!

Harrison starting to love wearing baseball caps

Messy baby!

This is how we roll at Target - however this doesn't happen much because they act like crazy animals and start hitting and kicking each other - in between grabbing all the items of the shelf....

What a beautiful sleeping baby - look at those lips and eyelashes!

My early risers - 5:30 and 6:00!!!!

Trying to establish a Sunday church routine :)  Glad they have a babysitting room!!!

We try to get to Lifetime Fitness for the outdoor pool - it's a LOT of work for Mommy and everyone wants her to hold them!!  Lennon has to stay in the babysitting room because Mommy can't watch all 3 at once!

Movin' on Up - :)  He loves to face forward!

Wonder what he was thinking????  Now going with Daddy to the barber shop - big boy!

Mommy walked all 3 kids into town to get ice cream!!!!!  Yay Mommy!

Swimming lessons with Addie - a holy terror.  She HATES the water now and it's a fight every lesson to get her to try to swim.  But we are working on it!  This was one of her better lessons which is why I took pictures :)

Addie can be lazy some times - she doesn't like to walk.  Thank goodness the BOB holds 3 kids.  It's a workout for Mommy but after dinner the stroller walk seems to calm them down and buy me time before bed :)

Playing with some new Barbies and Mommy's old Barbies.  Addie's favorite thing to do with Mommy - and don't get me wrong - I love to play with her - but after she asks you to put on the 15th tiny outfit you start to wear out....  She needs to learn to dress them herself!

Ready for the party!

Yes - this is how we went to Trader Joe's in 90 degree weather.  About 4 layers and 15 accessories

Except we are missing a back.  And yes, I did make her put on pants before we left :)

This summer was CRAZY!!!  I literally think we were gone every other week.  We spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh after the Beach trip - trying to get the renovations done and oversee projects.  I felt like we were gone more than we were home.  I had a lot of fun with the kids when we were all at home together.  While they are still totally crazy  - it was fun to reintroduce summer favorites like sprinklers and the slip n slide.  We also joined a fabulous gym and tried to go to the outdoor pool when Mommy felt like she had the energy.  They are all still very very little so whatever I could think of to keep them entertained and calm - that was the goal this summer!!!!

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