Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Advocare Cleanse Days 4-7

WHEW - there is a slight change up in your early morning routine - but guess what?!!! - NO FIBER DRINK FOR four days!  Yay!!!!  Replacing the Fiber Drink will be your ProBiotic Restore Ultra pills found in the Cleanse Box.  You will take these with your Spark upon waking.  Then breakfast as usual 30 minutes later and the rest of the day is the same!

How is everything going so far?  Listen to your body and how you are feeling.  Is the challenge schedule working well with your work/lifestyle?  Do you feel good throughout the day?  You should never feel famished, or lightheaded, or anything other than great.  So if you feel like things need to be changed at all - let me know and we can work on it together!!!  EAT - that is the best thing I can tell you.  If you are starving and just couldn't make it to that snack - then eat - even if it's 30 minutes before dinner.  No big deal.  It's more important WHAT you are putting into your body than making sure you are sticking strictly to a schedule.  We can work with that!  Headaches from caffeine or sugar withdrawal?  Drink more water and yes - add another Spark to your day!!

The first few days are the most difficult.  When you get used to the schedule of eating like this - and for only 24 days - it's so much easier.  And YOU GOT HERE and I am so proud of everyone for taking this step!  I hope as the cleanse comes to an end and the next phase starts - that you can really see some differences in how you look and how you feel - and that all of this was WORTH IT and you can't wait to see what you look like on Day 24!!!!

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