Sunday, January 11, 2015

Advocare Cleanse Days 8-10

I really hope that you are starting to see the effects of doing this cleanse.  Hopefully your pants are a little looser, you feel less bloated, you have more energy, sleeping better, and just having an overall sense of being lighter and healthier.  Congratulations!  You are at the end of the Cleanse Phase and soon to embark to the Max Phase!!!!

The only change for the next 3 days is adding back that Fiber Drink AND taking the ProBiotic pills all in the morning schedule.  So get up and have your Spark, ProBiotic and Catalyst (if taking).

Then 30 minutes later do your Fiber Drink followed by Breakfast or MRS

Make sure you are drinking tons and tons of water!!!  Can't wait to get feedback on your results on day #10.  You may share or not share - it's up to you.  Remember that EVERYONE's results are going to be completely different because we are individuals with different makeups and eating habits.  I just hope that you are getting the results that you want.  Some may not see the big picture till further into week #2/#3. 

It's okay!!!  You have made a choice to live a healthier life and eat "clean" and that's a big step!

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