Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The process of saying goodbye to Sherman Place - capturing memories

An owl and little critter room - green and pink

His circus/Curious George room

Lennon off the the side in our room since birth!

Everyone squished into one bathroom brushing teeth!

What a crazy time it was.  We got an email from the landlord Auggie in February - stating that he was going to put the house on the market in Spring and that we had to do all of these things to help "stage" the house while still living there.  No thank you!!!!  So we knew that meant we had to unexpectedly start the process of looking for a new place and packing up ASAP.  We found the perfect home in Cranford, NJ one day and that was it!  Mommy ordered the boxes and started the packing process.  I had to start taking pictures of everything in the Sherman Place home so I would remember it as we lived in it.  It was a very special home for us and we weren't ready to leave yet!  While our living quarters were less than roomy - it was the home that all three small ones lived in for 3 years and a lot of special memories were made in that home!

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