Saturday, September 6, 2014

A fun day in the city and an Easter Egg Hunt gone bad

An impromptu trip into NYC for a photo shoot op for Harrison - this was the face he made

Easter Egg hunt in the new town

I will never forget this Easter Egg Hunt  - we were in our new house and I decided to take all 3 on an Easter Egg Hunt while BJ was at work all day.  I made sure the kids were all in the same location - thinking I could keep an eye on them.  Once they released all of the kids - Addie ran off but quickly new where to find me to come back.  I carefully kept close watch on Lennon to not lose him amongst the other kids.  And Harrison.....well Harrison......he ran off and was too little and too absent-minded to remember where I was.  So there I was looking like a CRAZY woman yelling Harrison's name over and over with panic running through me - there was a least 200 children and he looked like all of them!  I thought that I had lost him forever.  THANK GOD for Addie and her line of view - who spotted Harrison through someone's legs - I don't know how we found him but we did.  I will never take all 3 in a huge crowd by myself ....EVER.....AGAIN....

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