Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ahma and Paw-Paw visit - moving time is close!

Since the move was completely unexpected and BJ always takes his trip to SAGES in April - somehow it coincided exactly with the week before the moving truck arrived and we had to have everything out of the house.  So my parents and Deoni watched the kids while I literally moved all of the boxes from our house to Cranford - leaving only the big furniture.  What a job!!!!!  It was definitely not fun going back and forth - and then, of course, our home in Pittsburgh that had been on the market forever - had someone put an offer on it while BJ was away.  I had to try to talk to him about it while he was in the mountains of Colorado!  What a week - remind me to never move again.  Somehow we managed to fit in a trip to the Easter bunny in Cranford, Harrison went to a train museum with Paw-Paw, we ate great BBQ in Cranford, and we celebrated my parents anniversary with Aunt Kathleen at Lorena's in Maplewood. 

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