Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More from February

Always loving the IPad!  We only have 2 so it is a fight to see who can get it.  Thank goodness they share once in a while

Cute baby!


Addie had so much fun lining up her "audience" at school!  A little disturbing now that I look at the picture

Elephant nose

Matching fishtail side ponies!  Addie love to play salon and we do makeup and hair!

Thank you Aunt Erin for the cool remote control car!

Addie at the doctor - getting up-to-date on her shots for kindergarten!!!!

I believe these children were getting ready for a dance party.  Look at how they are one head taller than each other!!!!

I love this pose - she is stunning in this picture!

Wearing Harrison's Adidas track suit!

Look at that hair!

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