Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The process of saying goodbye to Blue.....

So we started the process of looking for a new home for Blue in late winter.  Blue was such a good doggie but he was getting old and cranky and tired of Harrison's constant attention which usually involved some cause and effect action (rolling a car towards Blue and watching him jump).  The funny thing was that Harrison was IN LOVE with Blue and the only child who gave him any attention.  Harrison was really trying to be mean to Blue - it was just his own way of playing with him and Blue wasn't a young pup anymore and didn't want to play.  So one day Blue bit Harrison on the back and then it happened one more time.  That was it for us - while we loved Blue with all our hearts - that was our child and God forbid it left a permanent mark on his face the next time.  It was the hardest and saddest thing to start saying goodbye to our first baby and it was also the hardest thing to find a home for an old dog - but in the end God answered our prayers and gave Blue to the best 2nd Mommy and Daddy that we could have ever wished for.  Marisol, BJ's dietician, ended up taking Blue to live with her and her husband.  Blue is in good hands with plenty of love and exercise each day.  The best thing is that is truly is happy with all of this positive attention and time to relax and we can visit him anytime we want.  As Harrison still says "He's still our dog" - and we will always love him.

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