Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Saint Louis bound - the most accomplished in the shortest amount of time

Heading out to see Ahma and Paw-Paw!

Harrison and his funny faces!

So good to see Ju-Ju! Lennon not so happy to pose for the camera

Helping Paw-Paw open presents!

The princess dresses came on as soon as they all got together.  The theme for the cousin day was definitely "Frozen"!

A Christmas Eve dinner done in March!  Yummy pierogies and mushroom soup!

Belting out "Let it Go" from Frozen.  First time all the little girl cousins could hang out!

Harrison entertaining everyone by getting inside a duffel bag!

Addie loved the fact Katie was braiding her hair!

Quite funny

They can never have a serious pose


Addie fell in love with Baby Eddie

Harrison was only happy that morning if he wore the Batman Mask.

All the cousins in town

After a big sleepover - a much needed nap on the ride to the airport

This is how we roll - Addie loves her Boogie Board!
So BJ and I headed home for a Thursday night to Sunday trip.  We stayed at a very nice VRBO home near Molly and headed out to meet up with family and friends each day.  A lot was accomplished but, of course, it is never enough time.   All of the kids were really well behaved and Addie and Harrison spent the night with Ahma and Paw-Paw on Friday!  That was a real treat ;)  Daddy and Mommy had Emily and Molly & Jack over and it was soooo nice to catch up with them.  We also got to celebrate my Daddy's birthday which was super special because I hadn't been able to be with him on his special day in a while.  It was nice to see the kids watch him open presents!  Special memories! The next day all three kids stayed over at the Cochrans house with the aunts and cousins.  I am sure it was wild times but they all really bonded again and had so much fun.  The day we left was bad bad weather - lots of ice on the road.  But our flight took off on time and we had a lot of room to ourselves!

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