Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addie - early May

Ballet Class

3rd haircut!

Having fun with the Lynch girls and Katie

A real smile!

Typical new pose

I love rolling my tongue for pictures!
I just love this little girl.  She has put through the hardest mommying job ever - but I love every minute :)  She was really into her ballet/tap class at the YMCA and her favorite move was her "Hip Shake" move :)  Great.....  She is really into posing and funny faces right now.  She got another haircut right before her birthday and this time she didn't cry at all!!!!!  She also had a lot of fun at cousin Erin's bridal shower and was very proud to be the official "Ribbon Keeper".  She is truly filling the shoes of a true "Girly-Girl" :)

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