Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My baby girl is 3

I usually lament before each of her birthdays - after all, she was my first born and my only girl that I will ever have.  I have a truly special bond with her that I don't think she will ever truly understand or comprehend.  This year her birthday came so fast and over the course of all these events - that I didn't have the time to think about the meaning of her turning THREE YEARS OLD!!!!!!  In some ways it seems like yesterday that she was born - but it other ways - it feels like she should be turning FOUR!!!!  She is so advanced and tall for her age that I keep thinking and treating her like she is much older.  She was my baby - and then Harrison came along - and then I wasn't able to focus on her every moment of getting bigger - it just BOOM - happened.  She went from baby - to little girl overnight.  After having Harrison - I realized that Addie is a completely different breed.  From day one she was way more independent and ready to hit each milestone early and with flying colors.  By the time she hit her first birthday - she was ALL toddler:  talking, walking, pretend play, etc.  By the time she was two years old,  she was speaking in sentences and playing with friends - already almost passed toddlerhood!!!!!  Now that she is three years old - I am blown away by her.  She has been my  most trying child thus far.  I really compare her to those Sour Patch Kids commercials - she can be the sweetest thing one moment and then crazy bad the next moment.  Her outbursts/temper tantrums are unreal and I have no clue where she gets this anger and frustration!  (Couldn't be from me :) )   She also is sometimes unrelenting on Harrison and really picks on him (especially if there is an audience).  But underneath all of that - there is a truly caring and sweet, sweet child.  Besides the emotional outbreaks - she is amazingly smart in EVERYTHING.  Her capacity to learn and learn it quickly is phenomenal.  Show it to her once and she's got it.  She knows her numbers, her colors, her letters, some Spanish, and is now really interested in learning to write.  She LOVES to go around the house singing and dancing - but the best part is that she puts all of her favorite songs together into one song and "makes it her own".  Even though she isn't the best at it - she adores ballet and dressing up in the ballet outfits and shoes.  Even though we haven't begun to delve into all the sports yet - I really don't think sports will be where her talent lies.  She is very outspoken, artistic and dramatic and I think she will put those to good use in some area :)  Her best friends are Camille and the girls that live across the street - Grace & Vivie.  I think you could say her other best friend is Harrison - but she would never admit to that.  When she isn't trying to yank away some  toy or konk him in the head - she LOVES having a live-in play buddy - something that I always dreamed of.  She loves dancing with him and playing prince/princess with him.  She also adores her baby dolls and stuffed animals and playing Mommy or Doctor with them.  Her imagination is out of this world and she thinks very abstractly at times.  I have no doubt that she will excel in Preschool - and it's only 2 months away!!!!!  I love her because she is headstrong, independent, emotional, and caring.  She is a girlie-girl to the fullest and that was with NO ENCOURAGEMENT on our part - swear.  She continues to be 95% percentile in her height and grew 3 whole inches from 2 1/2 - 3 years!!!! She is every combination that I would ever want in a girl - now it's my job to harness everything and put them to good use and purpose.  Her wanting to be held and comforted is getting less and less - only when she is really tired or hurt.  She is so tall and big that's it's hard to even carry her anymore.  And I know that I will still have 2 more babies at home - but I miss holding her and rocking her so bad.  But I still get that little girl running to me when she gets home or I get home and I get the best greeting and hug ever.  I hope that doesn't stop for a long time.  And in the middle of the night - it's still "Mommy" that she wants.  I know she is definitely getting bigger and starting preschool is another step towards independence from Mommy - but she is still just 3 years old and I am going to hold on to that little girl for as long as I can.  I don't care how many little boys we have running around the house - she's still my #1 baby girl :)  I love you Addie - will all my heart - you drive me nuts every day - and you make me smile every day :)

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