Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Early May

 I wish I could say what he was doing or what milestones he was accomplishing in early May - but it was all so a blur.  As soon as we got home from my grandpa's funeral - we hit the ground running.  Between May and the end of June we had:  our 4th anniversary, my 34th birthday, Mother's Day, Addie's birthday, Memorial Day/Family Renunion, Addie's birthday party, my girl's weekend in Charleston, then San Diego.  Whew!!!!!!!!!!  So this post was on Harrison - I know that he had a few swimming lessons before Mommy got too pooped from all the preparation it took just to get him in the pool and then showered/ready to go home.  He loved the swimming lessons and took much kinder to the water and splashing than Addie ever did.  Maybe he will be my little swimmer :)  We will definitely continue once the baby is here.  He just has a great time playing with Addie and exploring the whole house everyday :)

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