Thursday, July 26, 2012

First day in San Diego

 We fit in one last hoorah in mid-June and took a family vacation to San Diego.  BJ had a conference there and we tagged along for the family fun :)  While the trip was exhausting because of 1) Really tough plan rides with these two, 2) Three-hour time change, 3) Sleeping issues, 4) Diarrhea with everyone, 5) Little Miss Addie-tude in full effect, 6) Lack of naps, 7) Harrison getting beat-up on multiple occasions, 8) Harrison teething and 9) Mommy being 8 Months Pregnant - it really was a wonderful trip and so nice to hang out as a family for 10 whole days!!!  Despite all the above - that's what you get when you travel with small children and I wouldn't have traded any of the moments (good or bad) for anything. 

Harrison playing in the rental car

Addie took this pic!

Photographer Addie!

First steps on West Coast sand!

Big feet, little feet

I LOVE this picture!!!!!

Belly and babies :)

Sweet - sharing  ice cream :)
Zonked out after a long day of flying and sight-seeing

My tired babies - finally asleep

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