Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Addie's Minnie Birthday Porch Party!

Yes - you can definitely say I went overboard.  I took all the grief I had from my grandfather's passing and completely immersed myself in planning this party.  I love planning parties anyway - and a Minnie party was soooo much fun to do.  I made the Minnie ears, the gift bags, designed a boutique with mirrors and jewelry, - WHEW!!!  The decorations were fun and I loved every minute of this party.  It was completely under-appreciated by the kids and they quickly got bored after about 30 minutes.  They barely touched the pink popcorn I made and the posh yogurt bar.  They were happiest when I got out all the toys from the garage and let them loose in the fenced in backyard.  Of course - DUH!!!  They are 3 years old!!!!!!  But the parents appreciated it and I had a blast creating a special day for my little one - even if she did want to be carried around like a baby the whole time :)


The Gillefonds said...

You can plan my birthday anytime. You look beautiful- love the shot of you with Addie!

BJ and Andrea said...

Thanks!!!! Actually I really want to start a kids party planning business!!!! Too bad I don't live in P-burgh anymore - I'd do it for free :)